NTE highlights – day 2

From Phillip Jensen:

– Learning about servants and slaves in the bible, that Christ came to serve, but he is also Lord, that we become slaves of him. I’m always glad that God is in control when he sorts things out for me, but don’t always think in terms of being under his control myself…

– Hearing the (shady) history of AFES and the role he and other faithful Christians (of which it seemed there were few) got the evangelical movement at unis back to the bible and back on track.

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few:

– Hearing from 2 gospel workers from Slovenia about the great needs and the great things that God is doing there.

– Chatting to R at dinner about Christianity in Ghana, how churches are growing rapidly but leaders are lacking and ill-equipped.

The prayer walk:

This is just a room designed for prayer – set up with bible passages, guidance for things to pray for, including maps on the wall of Australia and the world to pray widely, and an environment that helps you focus (very quiet). You pretty much just walk around the room, moving from one poster to the next.

I have always struggled with prayer, particularly personal prayer times. But the Prayer walk is a really helpful tool – I spent over an hour, pretty much constantly praying (only a few moments of distraction), which is a really big deal for me. I was convicted that I really need to pray more and stop making excuses, not just because I know I’m meant to, but because without prayer, anything we do is useless.


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