A very big thank you (Supporters’ event)

Ministry is about people – this is one of the things that I am learning more and more as I keep serving how I can. At the student leaders’ meeting the other day, looking at 2 Timothy 4, we made an observation that ministry can be quite lonely, even as we serve others (as Paul sent out and wrote to men who seemed to be the only leader in particular regions).

I am very blessed and thankful for the many people who I know are supporting me, so that I rarely feel lonely. I have felt particularly cared for by my church, and I think doing MTS is a lovely excuse to go to the other services and talk to people I don’t usually get to; I’ve gotten to know quite a few people better since starting.

Yesterday I got to thank a few as we gathered for afternoon tea. It was lovely, particularly spending time with people from other services at my church who I don’t usually get to talk to (there is a lady from the 8:30 service who I would like to be like when I am older). It’s a bit of a bad time of year, and I was a little bit sad that not many could make it, but also very thankful that it was small and intimate and very low-key (I’m a bit fan of low-key). It was nice that, even though I had to be the centre of attention (usually I just like to blend in with the furniture), there weren’t too many there.

It also made preparing food quite easy, because like my mother, I tend to make too much, so it was quite manageable yesterday. And my dear friends offered their house, because my house does not host many people well when it rains (I love house-sitting and getting to practice hospitality), so I didn’t even have to clean up for the event, because it was all clean before I got here!

I was able to share about the year. I started by sharing what I do during the week, and in my next prayer letter I shall share that with my other supporters (if you would like to receive prayer points and updates, please let me know!). As I explained each part of the week, I could reflect on highlights and hard things as we went along.

My friends and sister were able to ask questions and find out about particular aspects, like managing tiredness at home, how walk-up was going, how money is going, what next year looks like and what might be different about it compared to this year. I think (and hope) that everyone felt like they had a better idea of what I’m doing and got a lot out of yesterday.

I’ll be trying to follow up people in the next few months; I imagine I’ll be having a lot of coffee and tea as I try to catch up with a few personally as well.


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