Home office fail – option #2

The outdoor option failed because of a few things: it was too glary so I couldn’t actually see without sunglasses and the laptop screen was invisible; there are renovations happening a couple of doors down, so very noisy; and on a day like today, who wants to be outside?

So I’ve been working inside and today I tried out the exercise ball instead of the chair. I feel like I need to learn how to sit on this properly, because I am in more pain than I started with. Or maybe I just need to get more exercise (or therapy), because I was sitting on it for a very long time (just not doing as much work for a very long time…). Or maybe my legs are just too short.


One thought on “Home office fail – option #2

  1. Maybe getting a bigger and/or ergonomic keyboard and plugging it in would help; I know that prolonged use of my laptop keyboard wrecks my back and shoulders something fierce. Yours is even smaller than mine…

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