Finishing things

How good is it when you finish something? Especially when the work you do is generally unfinish-able (like ministry, or any work with people). The work is never-ending because you can’t finish people, and even progress in godliness and reaching certain goals you set yourself means that you still need to continue developing. It can get quite discouraging when you don’t see change in someone or you struggle with the same things yourself for a long time.

So with my spare time at the moment (not really spare – flexible is a better word), I have been reading a lot, trying to finish the many books I have been working through (I’ve worked it down from 6 to 2). One of the books suggested breaking down goals into smaller, manageable chunks and talked about the value of being able to cross those things off your list. It’s not unique to ministry, but it is one of the things that might help when feeling weary or unmotivated by slow progress or big projects (breaking it down helps to see what you’ve done with your time, too, which is something else that is easy to feel guilty about). Nothing new about this, I was just thinking about it.


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