Relationships are just tiring

Perhaps I was wrong in anticipating that this semester would be far less exhausting than last, at least in respect to relationships. Last semester I was meeting a lot (a LOT) of people and remembering names and faces and things about them and spending time and energy getting to know people.
I figured since I know most people now, it wouldn’t be as tiring. But I’ve still managed to meet new people and have intense conversations (intense for me because I really am not good at small talk and starting relationships).
I get home after a day of relating to people and need to hide in my room to protect my family from small explosions of frustration, because I feel like I’ve run out of politeness.
How do you do ministry long term? Does it ever get easier? I feel like I need to find a different profession outside of ECU to compensate – perhaps I shouldn’t work with people and just do some data entry so I can have a rest…

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