It happens every time

Question: If you know there is a situation in which you know you struggle with the same sin each time, should you put yourself in the same position again and try to work on godliness in that situation, or choose an alternative if there is one?
It may seem like a random question. The reason I’m asking today is that each time I drive in the city, I vow never ever to do it again, because every time, it makes me angry. Or rather, the fact that every time I go to the city, I take many wrong turns and it takes me a very long time to get to where I want to go.
With my disability support job, I tend to do a lot of driving, and several times, I have managed to get myself into, and eventually out of, the city. I thought it would be okay today. Incorrect! I had directions printed out from google maps. I looked at the directions before I left (usually the problem is that I start driving and then look at a map after I realise I don’t know the way). I was going in the right direction. And then the turn I needed to take was not very well sign-posted and I missed it and had to find my way out.
My dear sister is not great at reading maps (though to her credit, she is getting better). Long story short, I get very frustrated when I get lost. And if there is a family member around, they usually bear the brunt of it- usually I snap impatiently and mutter under my breath. Even worse, though, a friend and two youth group girls who I lead were also in the car. I need to apologise to them.
I suppose the moral of the story is that we should have just caught the train. I know the effect that driving has on my godliness. The trip could have been much more pleasant for everyone, though perhaps not as comfortable or warm, but it would have been more encouraging. And it would have been a better start to women’s conference we were heading in for.
Please pray for humility and repentance, that God would keep changing my heart and help me to apologise.

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