Finally found a use for my degree!

Usually when going in to ministry, it involves giving up your profession to spend more time teaching the gospel. For me, though, since graduating uni, I’ve actually been able to use my skills more since I’ve started MTS than in between (since I am over-qualified for the job that I do outside of my Apprenticeship- can someone please tell me how to use a Hearing and Speech degree??).
This is partly because I bought myself a very small laptop so I can do other work whilst on program with a one-on-one client (because I never had time before to work on any projects at work), and partly because I’ve gone back to the place where I studied.
After a couple of weeks of trying to make it happen, this afternoon I am catching up with a student to help her with her phonetics. Normally, this isn’t how my time would be spent on campus, but sometimes you just need an ‘in’.
H is a first year Speech Path student from overseas. I was given her name and number to call about the things we had on in the beginning of the year, and she told me that she isn’t a Christian. She came to our first year welcome barbeque at the beginning of semester, where one of the older students shared the gospel very clearly. She signed up with the other first year Speechies for Growth Groups, but never came. The other day, I added her on facebook and she contacted me asking for help. Thankfully, phonetics is one of the only things I remember!
I’m using a few passages of text from, a recipe, and the beginning of Mark’s gospel. So now I am practicing and scrubbing up on my phonetics transcription skills, preparing my ‘tutorial’ to help her prepare for their connected speech transcription barrier task tomorrow. It’s already getting on the brain, so much so that when I’m typing texts, I feel like I’m spelling things wrong.
Please pray for H and our time together, that God would provide opportunities to read the bible with her.

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