I’ve not written for a while, so I apologise for making this blog quite uneventful and thus probably rather boring. The last few weeks have been quite busy, but thankfully have been far less stressful.
Here are some of the highlights (with pictures to make it more exciting):
Thursday 23- Saw Cloud Control at the Metro for my birthday
Saturday 26- Managed to have the whole day off and not work (it’s a skill I’m still learning)
Sunday 27- Hospitality Sunday, organised through church. A group of us from 7pm went to a young couple’s house for lunch. It was lovely.
Tuesday 29- Second year speeches organised a cake stall to raise money for Japan. That’s me with 2 student leaders (very faithful Christian guys). Over $400 raised. Praise God.
Wednesday 30- Not a very productive day- ‘twas my birthday. Jeh baked me a cheesecake. So yummy.
Saturday 2- An almost successful day off, I did dabble a little bit with some work. Then Jeh took me bowling, and he discovered how competitive I am. I got my worst score ever. L

Sunday 3- The ladies from my church had a farewell High Tea for Michelle, our Assistant minister’s wife. They’re off to work in an evangelical church in Melbourne.

Monday 4- Serving dinner at Prepared to Serve (PTS)- catering for 50 students who are being trained in evangelism, biblical theology and leading bible studies.
Tuesday 5- At our staff meeting we shared about our ‘personalities’ (from the quiz a couple of weeks ago), about what we bring to the group and how the rest of the team can serve each other in terms of our different learning/thinking/personality styles. Ironically, having to go first, I wasn’t able to share very effectively because I tend to reflect quite heavily and need a lot of time to think and pull things together. It was harder than it should have been, I felt a bit silly for how hard it was to go first.
Wednesday 6- Also not a very productive prep day, but unfortunately I don’t even have my birthday as an excuse… It is rather nice to hang out in my PJs for a day though, but it’s time to get ready for Girls’ Training.

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