Miracle on Christmas Day

Jeh and I performed a minor miracle on Christmas day last year.
The plan was to have a family lunch at my house. Dad and I had both been telling my nan about it, explaining that we hoped she could come, and that Jeh and I would come in the morning to get her ready and take her. None of us expected it to happen.
And so Jeh and I went to my nan’s house, armed with a bag of nicer clothes than she usually wore when lazing about her apartment (including a pair of my exercises shorts that my dad had mistaken for hers- I liked those shorts). She hadn’t been outside her apartment in over 18 months, though my dad had persevered valiantly trying, even when she broke her wrist and she needed to see a doctor. Jeh and I had tea with nan and explained that we were having Christmas lunch at my house- she seemed very excited about going, so things were looking up. As she talked and slowly drank her tea, her enthusiasm and memory waned until she was very reluctant to go and was trying to think of excuses not to. She then seemed surprised, as if she hadn’t expected to be invited. We assured her that she was, and I helped her put on her clothes. She eventually ran out of excuses. We convinced her to take her walking frame (she didn’t think she would need it, dear old nan) and we made it out the door (after making sure, “yes, nan, Freckles is fine”).
It took a solid ten minutes to get down the first step. I almost gave up, but nan assured me she would try. Her big pink slippers were getting in the way of fitting both feet on the step. But Jeh, a few steps down, and I with my hands on her hips standing directly behind her, watched in awe as she painfully and slowly took one step at a time to get down the first flight of stairs. She was a bit puffed, and I was tearing up.
Half an hour after leaving her apartment, we made it to the bottom floor. I’ve never been so proud in my life. And she thanked Jeh for calling her “nan”.
She enjoyed the drive to my house- it had been a while since she had seen, well, anything outside, but especially the water, which she loves. And I was on the phone with my dad, telling him that we were on our way. I’m not sure he completely believed me until he saw it. But as Jeh pulled up outside my house with my little nan in the front seat, exclamations of shock and “how did you do it?” came from each member of my family. Lunch was lovely, she enjoyed it immensely- it’s been such a long time since she’s seen everyone.
And that is the story of the miracle of Christmas day.

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