Procrastinators: leaders of tomorrow

I have a feeling the search for the balance between work and rest is going to be a lifelong one. Knowing this doesn’t make it easier to deal with this struggle now (particularly when one of my greatest weaknesses has been time management). In an effort to get work done before the weekend, my recently freed up Friday nights (since I stepped down from the Friday night youth group) were going to be for that purpose. But the last few weeks really haven’t worked out that way. Either I’m completely shlumpy from the past week and need to do absolutely nothing, or no one else wants to cook dinner, or it’s my turn to wash up, I never seem to get anything useful done. I still try, though, and I’ve learnt some really interesting things about Marilyn Monroe, the muscles in the back (especially the ones that hurt), and how much money you can save by buying on ebay (I could be the Queen of Procrastinatia if I could be bothered). I’m not quite sure of the point of this little babble, actually. Still learning, I suppose.

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